How it works


what to expectWhen you sign up to the KSFL lifestyle class you start an exciting 4 Phases of Fatloss journey:

Phase 1 ELIMINATION  -the initial stage lasting up to 28 days. Primes your system for effective fat-burning, balances your hormones and gets you feeling full of energy. Once the body detoxes the inch loss is jaw dropping. You will receive your KSFL manual and and  VIP membership for 28 days to KSFL (TM) on line and membership to the secret  Face book group.

Phase 2 CONTINUATION  this stage lasts until you are at your goal weight. It is crucial to enforce your new eating habits and increase your knowledge of the right food choices for you. You can choose to pay for this monthly to enable you to keep your VIP & Facebook membership, or payg.

Phase 3 LIFESTYLE & MAINTENANCE  the third stage lasting as long as you want. How to cycle your carbs. eat out and party, cook clean alternatives, enjoy wine and maintain your goal weight for life.

Phase 4 BOOST The exercise only stage. After Phase 3 you can come to class just for the HIIT workout part of the class if you wish.

All of the above can be linked to existing class packages so please ask if you would like to do this.

KSFL Live Club Consists of:

*Weekly Weigh in at class, Measure and Body Stat recording done by you.

*15 minute educational and motivational group talk helping you understand up to date fat loss information, Discuss meal and recipe ideas, PLUS Mindset and confidence coaching keeping you on track and in the right headspace.

*30minute Fat Burning Workout – Research shows you don’t have to work out for hours at a time for the best results. Train smart in 30minutes of the right exercise intensity will burn more body fat than hours of cardio or endless hours at the gym. The KSFL workout is not dancy or complicated its is an interval workout enabling you to train at the right level- whatever your fitness level. This workout truly caters for all levels even if you have not exercised for years or you are a regular class attendee.

*Online workouts, meal planners and recipes, so you are fully supported every day, whilst you are in the first 28 days and for those of you who sign up to our KSFL maintenance programme.

Knowledge is power and KSFL will help you cut through the weight loss confusion with totally up to the minute diet and workout information.

To get the desired results a combination of correct nutrition, exercise at the right intensity, mindset coaching and motivation. KSFL combines all of these crucial ingredients for your success.

All delivered in our friendly groups with me Andrea Riddoch

If want to lose 3lbs or 3 stone KSFL will get YOU there. Empowering you with knowledge along the way!


Classes take place Thursdays 6.30pm at Yeadon Westfield School, but don’t panic if you can’t make it, there is the possibility to do an online version too.

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