Anastacias story

A Pair Of Red Trousers That Do All The Talking!

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Today I thought I would share an inspiring pic …and yes, there don’t need to be words, as this picture tells it’s own story!

HOWEVER, it’s always interesting to read someone’s personal journey to health and wellness, so here is Anastacia:

“I am now on the last notch of my belts and will be buying size M soon.

I have cleared my wardrobe of ALL size 18 clothes as I’m not going there again. I am now a very loose size 16, I have a wedding in June and have already bought the dress in a size 14 which I intend to wear and to be honest I’m not that far from it fitting. So I have dropped one dress size and well on my way to two.

The whole KSFL thing has been brilliant, it’s a mind set and will only work once you’re in the zone. For me and my weekly routine having the smoothie in the morning is just perfect, I have my main big meal at work and a light supper/soup in the evening. I honestly am never hungry.

“Parking” the booze during the detox made me realise that I was a habitual drinker. So, I now enjoy a glass (or 4!) when socialising and not every night after work! KSFL does make you look at your daily eating habits, I kept a honest dairy for a week and was astonished at the amount of bread and crisps I ate!!

The whole KSFL regime works for my family, as I will cook everyday meals and make tweaks e.g courgettes spag instead of pasta, in fact the men of the house now eat the courgetti spaghetti too.

I have bags more energy, so therefore time permitting more exercise, I love the PIYO and loved, loved the Bootcamp, I’m also pumped up about the Fight Klub.”


Thanks for sharing Anastacia 😊