My story

Who exactly am I and why should you listen to me?
Today, I wanted to tell you a little
about my story,
how I have got to this place and time
and why I am passionate
about womens health and wellness.

So, I found fitness after having my two children.
I was nearly 30, fed up, dowdy, wearing Deidre Barlow glasses
and at least one dress size bigger than I wanted to be.
My first dip into fitness was attending
step classes at the local high school.
The classes were rammed,
it was all pretty new and everyone my age
was getting into it.
I was hooked!
So much so that my hubby
bought me a gym membership for my birthday that year.
Ordinarily i would have thought “is
he hinting at something?’
But it was the perfect present.
I went EVERY day (well every weekday at least)
I loved the classes as opposed to the gym floor.
I loved music, and movement to music
 was my nirvana.
And obviously my fitness levels rocketed
and the weight dropped off which was a bonus!
So attending that many classes regularly
it soon occurred to me that
” I could do that” and “I really want to do that”
So at age 30 I took my exams and qualified
as a fitness instructor .
For the next 10 years I taught in all the
big named clubs around Leeds,
teaching up to 16 classes per week
and things were good.
At about 40 I realised something was wrong.
My energy levels had dipped and
the weight was creeping back on.
Now I had been living on a diet
of pasta, cereals, high carb and low fat
(as we had been told)
but it was having the opposite effect.
It was around this time that Rachel Holmes
started KSFL and I signed up for
her very first online programme,
having known her for years.
Focusing on high protein, low carb
and tons of fresh greens and water
I soon shed the weight again and felt brilliant.
Rachel was preaching the new (and correct)
gospel for fat loss:
high protein, low carb.
I loved (and still do) this programme.
And so became a Kick Start leader 3 years ago.
It was revolutionary and is still evolving to this day.
Focusing on health and wellness primarily
Rachel soon introduced the once outlawed
concept that fat is good for you.
So again in my mid 40s things slowed a little
due to perimenopause, I introduced more good fats
and I was back on track.
So fast forward to my 50th (!!!!)
and things slowed down again.
Now in the throes of menopause (oh woe is me!!)
my hormones were all over the place,
as were my mood, energy and
fat distribution.
Things that had worked previously
were no longer working.
​​​​​​​So luckily KSFL was evolving again
and I realised I had to be my own health
wellness and diet detective.
I have changed my exercise routine drastically,
focusing more on the restorative side of
things with a couple of weights session per week.
My nutrition has changed again too.
I now eat even more veggies if it were possible
and plenty of nuts and seeds to balance my hormones.
I am happy and healthy
and thats what its all about….isnt it?!
So….the purpose of todays email
is just to let you know
that it hasnt all been plain sailing for me either.
I have had to learn as I go along
what works for me.
And that is constantly changing.
So dont be disheartened if you are stuck.
The answer is there
but sometimes we have to dig deeper to find it
and we may need help and support.
I know without Rachel and the other KSFL leaders
I would probably have succumbed to the myth
of middle aged spread by now!!!
So thats me
Id love to hear how KSFL has helped you
and if you need any advice or info
please, all you have to do is ask.
Have a wonderful Wednesday
You know where I am
Andrea xxxxx