Paula’s Story

Paula (34 ) old married mother of two had been attending a national slimming club for a months, but found it just wasn’t for her.

“I felt awful even though I was following the slimming club diet to the letter”

Paula  couldn’t work out why she wasn’t getting the results she really wanted

“I was bloated, uncomfortable and still had a large tummy. I was able to eat lots of starchy carbs, have coffee, eat chocolate and tons of low fat products. I continued to snack constantly because we were told it was ok.”

Eventually, she had had enough. Feeling frustrated, fed up & seriously lacking in motivation.

Luckily, a friend sent her a link to Laura Armarda Buch’s Kick Start Fat Loss class in Drogheda Class  though Facebook, and thought it seemed much more up to date, affordable with a sustainable plan.

Paula started KSFL in November and hasn’t looked back since.

To date, she has lost 32lbs.

“I feel amazing the best I have felt in years! I’m finally eating properly, losing weight and toning up. My whole house is clean eating too. My friends and family think I look great, and are constantly complimenting me. Everyone wants to now get involved with KSFL”

Paula says that it might be tough at the start, but urges  would be members to stick with it and see it through. Your mind & body will go through a lot of changes while detoxing, but your body will thank you for it.

“You will enjoy and appreciate your food so much more and each week you learn something new about nutrition.