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Fill up on root veg

Root vegetables are a great way to make your meals more filling and they are great for your health too!

Here are some root veg you should be including in your meals and some great recipes to go with them:


Did you know? The average UK citizen eats 11,000 of these in their lifetime!


This sweet veg is great roasted!


Earthy and bright this one looks great in salad.


Slightly milder in taste, the swede goes great in mash.


Delicate and nutty and similar texture to a potato.


Seasonal recipes for October

We always suggest using what is in season to create your KSFL recipes to ensure you are eating the freshest and healthiest produce, here are some of this month’s in season veg and recipes to go with them:


Leeks are a versatile veg – great in soups or with white fish such as sea bass.


Pears are great to sweeten up a green juice or as a task dessert!


We love this veg it is so filling and great in curries/ stews or even spiralled for a faux pasta



Add 1 apple to sweeten a juice or slice it up and dip in hummus for a quick snack!


This leafy green is packed with nutrients and so versatile, make a salad or add it in soup/stews!

The benefits of lifting weights for women

Weight-lifting brings fantastic results and is hugely satisfying.

It’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still worry they will resemble body-builders!

Gradually, times are changing and more women are trying resistance training with weights and never looking back!

Our Lift Lean programme has been fantastic – seeing brilliant results and encouraging women to feel strong and empowered.


1. Weight training is great at burning fat

By weight training, you build lean muscle, and muscle is a metabolically active tissue where carbohydrates and body fat are burned and used as energy.

2. It’s more effective than spending hours on the running machine

Many people think a cardio machine will lead to fat loss, but cardio like running or cycling puts strain on your muscles (which can lead to injuries) and won’t build muscle.

3. Lifting weights doesn’t mean you will get bulky

Women are built differently to men, and you won’t become bulky because of our basic biology. Nutrition is also a massive component to your body composition.

4. It has a positive impact on bone density

Resistance training increases bone density and therefore decreases the chances of women and men developing osteoporosis later on in life.

5.  It will improve your strength and boost your confidence

Every time your work out with weights, you become stronger, and so next time you’ll be able to lift more, which is both incredibly satisfying and motivating.

6. It makes you more athletic

Everyone wants to look toned and sculpted, and weight training is the way to achieve this. But it’ll also improve your abilities in other sports.


Once you start working out with weights, chances are you’ll never look back!!

Tips to help kick the sugar habit

Kicking the sugar habit is not the easiest task but if you are considering giving it a try then here is something that may just sway you:

  1. Your skin will look more youthful

Cutting sugar can reduce the signs of ageing. Studies suggest that the amount of sugar in the blood  sets up a molecular domino effect called glycation, which ultimately leaves skin less firm and elastic.

2. You’ll have less belly fat

This is the visceral or “deep” fat that builds up around vital organs like your liver, pancreas, and intestines. Stubborn and hard to get rid of, it’s also dangerous; visceral fat is a known risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

3. You’ll feel more energized

BOOST your energy ! Added sugars are simple carbohydrates. This means they’re digested fast and enter your bloodstream quickly, providing that sugar high that helps jump-start your energy and alertness. But as anyone who relies on sugar for a pick-me-up knows, once that shot of sugar is metabolized, you’re in for a crash.

4. You’ll lower your risk of obesity

There is a distinct link to consuming sugar and obesity. Watch the pounds drop off when you cut out sugar!


5. Your heart will be in better shape

A healthy heart helps you power through your day, but the more added sugar in your diet, the higher your risk of heart disease – even if your weight is in a healthy range.

6. You’ll cut your odds of type 2 diabetes

Research shows the link between sugar and developing type 2 diabetes, cut it down and you will cut your odds significantly.

The importance of water….any time

Do you struggle to stay hydrated in the cooler weather? We have some great tips to help you drink more water:

  • Make sure you have water easily available to you all day.
  • Make it a little tastier with some health additions:

• Keep on sipping throughout the day even when you don’t necessarily feel very thirsty.

• Exercise- this will encourage you to drink more and is great for your health too!




Have you heard of cloud eggs?

You may have seen all over Instagram these beautiful puffy eggs that look just like clouds- well these are cloud eggs and here is how you can make them too:



Preheat the oven to 210c Fan, Take an egged separate the white and yolk carefully. Whisk the whites into stiff peaks and sprinkle over some chives. Spoon the eggs onto a baking tray lined with baking paper , make a little dip in the middle for the yolk and place it in the oven for 2 minutes. Remove it from the oven and add the yolk into the dip. Season with a little salt and pepper and bake for 3 mins until the whites turn golden. Serve straight away- after you have taken an Instagram pic!


Keeley’s Kick Start Lift Lean Story and how it relieved the effects of HRT

“I joined the latest Lift Lean programme straight after my summer holiday, so it was a great programme for me to jump onto to get back on track. Prior to that 2 months earlier I started taking HRT, I had been backwards and forwards at the doctors for the last 3 years having blood tests, scans, trying different tablets, suffering with hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, no periods, you name it I had it ! The Drs kept telling me I was peri-menopausal at the age of 41 (I’m now 44 and my mum and her sister didn’t hit menopause until they were early 50’s).

This early menopause upset me greatly, it was a hard pill to swallow basically being told your fertility button has been switched off. Finally they sent me to the menopause clinic to confirm that apparently yes I am ‘in my menopause state’. So started taking the HRT, immediately felt bloated, swollen and heavy !!! I was told this would settle down but they always tell you that, I have always worked out and tried to keep myself fit and healthy so I hated this initial effect from the HRT. However I had to kind of suck it and see for the 3 months so coming back off holiday I jumped straight into the lift lean programme.

Normally I would have maybe done 2/3 fitness classes a week perhaps HiiT, kettlebells and LBT plus 1 yoga class. So I ditched the classes and stuck with lift lean plus my yoga class. I have loved Lift lean, the variation, the weights, using the bosu, medicine balls, kettle bells, Swiss ball and so on have all made the workouts really enjoyable. I’ve had my own space in the gym with all my equipment laid out and basically just ‘got on with it’.

I now feel much fitter, toned, healthier and the bloated tummy and swollen boobs has now gone. I definitely feel stronger especially in my upper body which I probably had neglected a little due to a broken collarbone injury that still irritates me at times. I have increased my weights with the kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and used the tighter mini bands so I know that I had progressed. I haven’t missed doing cardio as I feel I raised my heart beat enough doing these workouts and I definitely did sweat lots ! For me it changed the boredom of the normal gym routine that I would have probably done week in week out so I now have an array of new workouts to take with me this month. Plus I have lots of ideas for when I go on holiday and I can take my mini bands with me.”



Thanks for sharing your story with us Keeley 

Our next LIFT LEAN programme starts Monday 9 October
Kick Start Lift Lean
14  NEW Workouts i+ Will need all the usual equipment .

Booking details click here



Lift Lean Results

WELL DONE to the #liftlean national group who have just completed there 28 day September challenge, we saw some fantastic results and the team stuck with it right to the end, see what some of the team thought :

“I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, I feel great, feel lots better, feel fitter have loved the workouts. I know it’s my nutrition I need to work on. I did start HRT 3 months ago and immediately I felt bloated and puffy, that has all settled now and I feel much better. I will definitely continue with the workouts for sure. 👯

“Definitely made progress with my bloated belly so very happy with that! Still a work in progress and may have to experiment with eliminating some other foods.
Loving the tone and definition I’m getting in my arms and shoulders, my legs were already quite fitm but are now more so and my skinny jeans don’t feel like they’re cutting me in half anymore!! Yay!!! “


“Have loved every minute of this programme, from the flexibility of the workouts to the more relaxed approach to eating. Love being able to look forward to a glass or two of wine at the weekend! 😜
I feel so good about myself, stronger, fitter & leaner. I know I’ve lost inches because my clothes fit more comfortably & look nicer as well!

A huge thank you Rachel Holmes for all your hard work & commitment to make this all possible. My name will, for sure be appearing in any future #liftlean !! ”



“Definitely noticed a difference after 4 weeks of these workouts. I’m much stronger, my arms and thighs more toned and waist smaller.
This is an ongoing journey for me having joined KS in June. I’m still eating KS 80-85% and combined with this programme has meant 4 lbs lost 1 inch from waist and half inch from bust in 4 weeks. That’s a 1 stone 9lb loss over all.”

“thanks for this brilliant programme Rachel Holmes I will defo be lifting heavier weights as part of my training. It makes me feel so good gives me a lift(!) for the day. Feel stronger my body has changed but need to get my nutrition a bit more on track #liftlean””

Absolutely loved this 28 day program 💯
My favourite
Day 13
Day 23 Accumulator 💪💪
Cardio is my love ❤️
But I have to say ….loving weights again
Thank you so much Rachel Holmes
I now feel stronger in body & mind ”

Sal’s Phenomenal results Lift Lean September

Sal’s story Kick Start Lift Lean

“Start weight 10st 9.4lbs
End weight 9st 5lbs.
2” lost from bust, 3” from waist, 2.5” from hips and 1” from each thigh.
For me this is so much more about weight loss. I am feeling fitter, healthier and I have so much more energy. My clothes fit so much better than they used to. 
I was beginning to struggle teaching body attack twice a week on top of all the other programmes which I teach. I just didn’t feel like I had the energy and if I had to travel to a class would be so stiff by the time I got home that I would often struggle to get up the stairs. I was resorting to taking iboprufen a lot, which seemed to becoming a habit rather than a need. At the same time I was peri-menapausal so suffering with inflammation, particularly in my fingers, chronic tiredness (needing to take a nap in the afternoons) night sweats, lack of energy, very disturbed sleep pattern.
Well not any more. Participants in bodyattack cannot believe the change in me and how much energy I have. Any menapausal symptons have gone. My skin & eyes are brighter. I haven’t taken iboprufen since we started the programmed and my sleep is now mostly undisturbed.
As for the food.
I didn’t think eating healthy could be so delicious. I thought that I ate well but in reality that only applied to evening meals as my husband and I share the cooking and we always cook something from scratch. Breakfast and lunch on the other hand? Depending on how busy I was with classes and work, breakfast would probably be Weetabix or peanut butter on toast. Lunch a large roll filled with tuna or ham and cheese. At its worst grabbing cheese and biscuits and a bag of crisps to eat on the run.   Yes it does take planning and prep to eat healthily but once you get in the swing of things, it becomes second nature. Lunches are now huge salads with a variety of ingredients topped with salmon or chicken etc and breakfast now usually involves an egg or two. 
Drinking salted water in the morning is now 2nd nature. Drinking at least 2 or 3 litres of water a day is also now a daily habit. I can honestly say I don’t feel hungry between meals but occasionally have a snack of a handful of nuts or a banana smoothie if I want energy before I take a class.
No going back for me. I know when I have veered off path and had alcohol or foods high in sugar, that I feel rubbish the next day and usually have chronic stomach cramps that night.
I’ve still managed to enjoy a weekend away with the girls to Paris and a couple of weekends away with my husband but I have been better informed to make better food choices but still enjoy the odd treat.
This is definitely a way of life and just as Rachel says – I feel that I have been given all the tools I need to continue and become my own ‘diet detective’”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sal!

Using Instagram for meal prep

Instagram is the new GO-TO app for inspiration, motivation and FOOD.

Meal prep is so IN right now and Instagram can help you with getting prepped like a boss:


Overnight Oats and Chia Puddings
There are so many recipes on Instagram for these beauties, great variations and top tips. Here are our fave recipes:

Prep in parts
Prep a number of different elements before hand to then pick out a bit of what you fancy at the start of each day.

On a Sunday evening, maker your grains & carbs, proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. Then pop it all together in a lunch box each day!
Cook Food you will eat
Don’t make unrealistic choices- what will you eat and enjoy?
Make your sweet treats, soups, chillis and more in larger quantities and pack them up for the freezer or fridge to make sure you have everything you could possibly need!