Turmeric smoothies- can you stomach them?

Turmeric has been the talk of the town for a while now with its many health benefits…This anti inflammatory ingredient is brilliant- but sometimes tough to get into your daily diet routine, so we are here to help with some new turmeric smoothie recipes:

(Add a little water/ice/ almond milk/ coconut water to water down if needed)

1. Blend turmeric, pineapple, kiwi and kale with a little coconut water.

2. Turmeric, banana and a little basil- add a little coconut milk for extra creaminess.


3. Turmeric, ginger, chia seeds and grapefruit.

4. Turmeric, ginger, carrots, butternut squash and mango. Super sweet with a kick!


5. Mix apple, beets, cucumbers and ginger with a tsp of turmeric for an earthy number!


6. Blend Lemon, banana and turmeric for a simple detox blend.


9. Pineapple, cucumber, coconut water, ginger, turmeric, and ice. Refreshing and summery!