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“Why Kick Start Fat Loss?”

Dieting is no fun, right? Chemical powders, constant fasting, monotonous soup eating, elimimation of entire food groups. It’s almost as if someone’s been going out of their way to make diets short term and joyless.

Until now.

KickStartFatLoss is a fast growing exercise and weight loss club that’s putting the fun, flavour and the fat into dieting. And it’s at home, in your kitchen, where the secret to weight loss is hiding. It’s not a ‘fad food’ thing; it’s about fresh food. It’s not a ‘no carbs’ thing; it’s about good carbs. It’s not a ‘no eating’ thing; it’s about good eating.

KickStartFatLoss will give you the fab recipes and meal ideas, easy exercise routines and more importantly, the results (see our testimonials). Our large and growing (shrinking) membership makes it great fun to be part of it, and there’s loads of support out there too.

KickStartFatLoss is based on the latest, leading research on nutrition and health.

It works, it’s fun and it’s not a ‘thing’. It’s just a lovely, healthy way of life.

Anyone can give you a diet sheet to follow.

Let’s face it, you can get a “diet/weight loss plan” of the back of a cereal box … clever & extremely persuasive marketing convinces us to buy highly processed rubbish that keep us locked into sugar addiction.

We constantly buy more to feed the addictions, chasing the dream that these foods will actually deliver us a slim, thin, trim, body. The reality is that processed food & sugar messes with our hormones, our brains and changes the chemical make up in the body…. affecting everything from fertility, menstruation, acne, appetite, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain and a whole array of daily aliments.

Eliminate refined & processed foods first to clean the liver and cells and break the sugar addiction. Eat clean and stick to 3 meals a day with tons of veggies plus good fresh water, quality sleep & de-stressing. These are all key to long lasting weight management, wellness and health.”

KSFL is a lifestyle Not a diet, advocating eating real food, cooking from scratch and combining with the right exercise an mindset for a healthy mind, body and soul




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